A Bridge into 3 Worlds (Motion picture)

Thunderstorm water symphony in Venice

Lightning and thunder over Canalazzo while orchestra water recordings

For the score of the cinema film documentary "A bridge into 3 worlds" the poet and theater/film director and composer Ugovsky-Strassburger choose to record his orchestral peaces in the special acoustics of the Canalazzo (Canal Grande) of Venice at night outside of the touristic season in early spring. It was part of his awareness projects against the sell-out of Venice and its touristic and enviromental issues. What he did not expect was the majestic support of heaven to underline his classical compositions with a huge thunderstorm, lightnings and a cloudburst. After getting the news we tried to get him quickly on phone asking him what happend after we heard that they had to put all clothings off afterwards.

On the phone: "Yes it was raining much in Venice. It is the time for it. I wanted to record orchestra on boat because of the river acoustics and we had a thunderstorm and cloudburst with impressive lightnings in the background of the kulisse of the gothic palazzos directly over us on the canal grande in the night. While actually were on top of the water we also were completely under water and washed out. But it was impressive and a complete emotional experience to drive thru a thunderstorm on a boat with my own compositions played while thunder bursts into it. An opera house would have to pay a lot for such effect on stage :-) My assistant sad it's typical for me: I can't do things the ordinary way. Haha. -- Sad to realize the touristic issues in Venice all over again and the last origins leaving... But I had some good interviews and I brought parties together for saving Venice and to manage powers against the sell-out and its ongoing gentrification."

"All in all if was an unforgattable moment..." - he stated later on mail, "... for all of us. The musicians, the passangers watching us, and especially for me. This special effect support was simply out of this world. None of any stage experiences I had come close..."


Sebastian Ugovsky-Strassburger