Poet takes aim at own poems as narrator

Multitalent S. Gilmano Ugovsky-Strassburger, who regularly irritates his recipients with his various fields of activity as artist & regularly juggles between roles such as author, lyricist, theater & film director, cinematographer, as well as composer, producer & artificial director for classical / jazz / downtempo and other music projects, now takes his own poems as a speaker in the target. For connoisseurs who know, as the son of an acting family, who himself already stood for various leading roles on the stage and also already lent his voice to documentaries & radio plays, this is no surprise. But what makes it extraordinary is that it will be a kind of "journey" with special background music, which is not only composed by the artist himself but also recorded himself with various instruments in London and underlined with a classical orchestra.

Long-time companions know of course that this all-rounder also has an impressive soul jazz singing voice and naturally wonder why here um, ... is being spoken. Well it's mainly a text journey that shows more of the theater author here. The poetry book "At Times a few lines" ("Zuweilen ein paar Zeilen") from 2006 with collected poems of 2 decades should float here with the necessary calm and an atmospheric radio play-like connotation textually above the special music. We were allowed to be present at the studio recordings in London and in the STUDIO ATELIER NORD and have experienced him thereby also immediately the 2nd time as a conductor. Previously it was to orchestral recordings for chansons of another cinema documentary project. "Studio Atelier Nord" is an extra for his projects landward far away from people in the middle of a nature reserve located historic listed thatched roof farm of 1892 on the North Sea coast, surrounded by a stream and forest on the large yard, where in the large wooden gable vaults of a former coach station both sound studio recordings as well as photo shoots and film studio recordings are realized. An undertaking which was realized at the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic to be able to continue with the projects.

When it comes to storytelling the poet shows with this project once again that he accepts no boundaries between genres and art forms and relies without conceptualism entirely on his sense of storytelling and of captivating the listener. We are proud to be able to support this extraordinary artist and will let you know when first fragments are released.

Sebastian Ugovsky-Strassburger