Pro Audio Service


While our on several locations running recording studios and post production suites are primarily in service for the divisions we are subordinated to, like MAURSEGLER film production and MAROQQO post-production/VFX & digital media and for the REQQORD music label exclusive artists and their recordings, we provide third party services in many pro audio sectors at high standards though, like:

  • recording of vocal artists, bands, orchestras, narrators
  • motion picture, TV & broadcast dubbing and multi-language support
  • folio & sound design
  • audio post production for film, music, TV and radio shows and commercials
  • audio restauration
  • mixing & mastering
  • film score & music writing provided by esteemed and renowned composers and music producers

Therefore we run and sharehold smaller city studios and larger countryside studios in different areas in Germany and other countries all cross-linked and synced via our server parks running in Bavaria.

Technical hardware & software partners & certifications

SSL, Neve, Brauner microphones, AVID, Apogee, Euphonix, ProTools, Adam Audio, HEDD Audio, RME Audio, Waves, Harrison MixBus, FxPansion, Neumann Microphones, Klark Teknik, Neutrik, Vovox, Klangleiter and many more.

Feel free to contact us for more informations regarding our pro audio services for your projects any time. Even ultra express delivery (like often required for TV and broadcast issues) can be negotiated if the studios are free.